Benin and Togo

The shared musical influences of Benin and Togo makes for another joint post.  Analogue Africa give a good rundown of the shared traditions – “the music of Benin and Togo was influenced by a few main musical currents: Cuban, Congolese and local traditional music, as well as Chanson Francaise. Additionally, the geographical location of Benin […]

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Nigerian psychedelic rock is a goldmine of incredible music, tied-up deeply in the country’s history.  The bands sampled here give a good taste of some of the sounds that came out of the afrorock and highlife scenes in the mid to late 70’s, for a good piece going over the history of this music see […]

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Whilst there was a lot to draw from in previous posts covering Brazil and Peru, Chile has the most flourishing psychedelia scene in Latin America today, with a whole array of groups focused mainly in Santiago putting it on the map as one of the homes of the psych renaissance.  As such most of the […]

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Continuing the Latin theme from the previous post on Brazil, this post goes deep into the world of Peruvian psychedelia.  There is an incredible amount of musical output to explore here, Peru has perhaps the richest tradition of psychedelic music of any country sampled in this blog so far, and as ever this post is […]

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This blog had previously covered Latin American psychedelia, but as stated in that post it was only scratching the surface.  Here we scratch a little further off the surface, looking at psychedelia from Brazil (with some crossover from the aforementioned Latin America post).  Tropicalia, bossa nova, samba rock, Latin funk and garage rock all find […]

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